These are pictures of the buses and people that were discussed in the article

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Art on real bus people
This is the first bus I owned, a 1963 Flxible Starliner Clipper
This is the second bus I owned, a 1960 GM 4104
This is Bob Redden taking pictures at the Top of Texas Bus Bash in Amarillo, Texas
This is the present coach I owned now, it is a 1982 MCI-9
This is the inside of my bus on the passenger side.


This is the inside of my bus on the driver's side.

My wife Svetlana and me at the 2009 Azle, Texas Car Show.

This is the sign I display at the car shows.  I do get many people to view the coach.

These are the signs inside the coach.  Notice that the same signs that came with the bus for commercial use are still in place.

I just add some humor with some stickers placed around them.

This is me showing, as usual, my second place plaque at the 2010 Azle Car Show.

The bus is shown in a class called "Special Interest."  In this class, there can be no cars, pickups, or motorcycles.  No matter what type of other vehicle is entered in this class, it always takes the first place plaque. 

I guess the judges are really not "bus men."

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